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Patrick Garcia began working at Division Laundry & Cleaners, his father’s business, when he was 13 years old, helping out during school breaks. In 1972, after graduating from Texas Military Institute (TMI), he went to work for the company as an office clerk, handling cash sales from military bases, preparing deposits, petty cash and the mail. Two years later, he was processing payroll for Division’s 250 employees.

During the time when Division surpassed the 10-million pound milestone in linen processing, Garcia progressed to sales and marketing, later general manager and contract administrator. He took the reins as president/general manager in 2010.

Garcia is a 1976 graduate of St. Mary’s University (BA, economics), and also holds a master’s degree in economics, earned in 1978. He is a graduate of the International Fabricare Institute in Silver Spring, Md., and has served on various industry-related boards, both locally and nationally. Garcia gives his time to organizations that support small business development in San Antonio and community environmental conservation groups. He received the 2006 President’s Award from the San Antonio Manufacturer’s Association, and has been recognized by the San Antonio Water System.

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Patricia’s primary responsibilities for Division Laundry & Cleaners are:

  • Management of office staff

  • Maintaining required Certifications & Registrations

  • Human Resources responsibilities

  • Accounts Payable

Patricia graduated in 2007 from St. Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.

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Patrick graduated in May 2012 St. Mary’s School of Law. He also has a BS in Biology.

His primary responsibility for Division is to:

  • Generate production & financial reports

  • Generate cost analysis reports & pricing information

  • Research government contract law

  • Negotiate contracts

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Theresa has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from St. Mary’s University (graduated May 2010).

She is the Vice President of Operations of Division Laundry & Cleaners (since July 2010) and is responsible to:

  • Train new employees

  • Oversee the Safety Program

  • Work directly with clients

  • Deal with day to day operations of the facility

Theresa has volunteered with:

  • Children’s Association for Maximum Potential (C.A.M.P.)

  • Methodist Hospital

  • San Antonio State Hospital

  • San Antonio Food Bank

  • Continuing the Heritage, St. Mary’s University

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Has been in the industrial textile business for 39 years. First starting with Industrial Towel and Uniform Service in Houston Texas, later becoming part of Cintas. In 1987, joined the Admiral Linen and Uniform Service team as Vice President to open and operate the central and south Texas branch. In July of 2015 joined the Division Laundry and Cleaner team as the General Manager.

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At the age of 17, I began working at Deposito de Alfombras BERSA in Torreon Coahuila Mexico. I did clerical work and sales, eventually becoming Sales Manager. In 1981, I immigrated to the United States and have since worked at Division Laundry & Cleaners. I feel privileged to have worked for three generations of the Garcia Family.

Adalberto has been trained

  • by Eco-lab for handling of Laundry Chemicals

  • by Division Laundry in CPR, Safety OSHA

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Rafeal has 20 years of prior experience in laundry operations.

He has received special training in the following areas:

  • Factory training for large industrial / commercial washing machines

  • Technical School for Electrical

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Edward has seventeen years of experience in the dry cleaning industry, including ten owning and managing a plant/retail location in the San Antonio Medical Center area with his wife, Margie. From 2007 to 2015, Edward worked in hospitality, holding several positions at a four star hotel on the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, coordinating and managing guest experiences for individuals and groups ranging from one to more than one thousand. In 2015, Edward joined the Division team generating, managing, and analyzing data to help provide quality service for Division’s customers in the most economical and practical manner possible.