At Division Laundry, Clean Is Green

About our sustainable water use

Division Laundry is committed to the conservation of natural resources. Our successful green initiatives include an investment in advanced tunnel washers that reduce water consumption by 10 million gallons annually, from 4.25 gallons to 1.25 gallons per pound processed. Tunnel washers also reduce the amount of chemicals used in our processes, and decrease labor requirements.

The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) has recognized Division for its sustainable water use efforts:

Division Laundry’s other natural resource conservation efforts

  • Division uses EPA-certified detergents and sours from Ecolab, a national leader in providing sustainable laundry solutions formulated to conserve water and energy.

  • Reduction of natural gas usage through a new energy-efficient boiler system.
    Division office staff recycles all printer ink cartridges.

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