Division Laundry & Cleaners offers the most comprehensive commercial laundry services in South and Central Texas. From our state-of-the-art facility in San Antonio, we transport, process and package linens and garments for healthcare providers, hospitality services, the military and more. We provide a full array of high quality laundry services with mutually agreed delivery schedules.

Our commercial wash services include:

Healthcare Standard Wash

Designed to remove the soils and stains most common to healthcare linens, this service provides expert chemical dosing, temperature control and mechanical action to achieve a higher level of quality in the finished product. Both white and colored linens are removed from the washer clean and sanitized.

Hospitality Standard Wash

This service removes soils and stains common to hospitality linen, such as makeup stains on bed and bath linens and food stains on food and beverage linens. The chemical dosing, temperature and mechanical action are all adjusted for the soil level.

Stain Wash

This specialized wash, used for both healthcare and hospitality linen, is designed to remove stains not removed by a standard wash. Division’s stain wash formula helps to keep linen replacement costs low while achieving a reclaimed linen rate of up to 75 percent (success varies depending on the age and type of stain).

Hypoallergenic Wash

For customers requiring chemical-free linen, this procedure follows a standard healthcare wash to remove chemical residue by repeated rinses of hot, warm and cold water.


This service is specially designed to meet the needs of customers with a hyperbaric facility. This 100% cotton linen is processed in a washer that helps maintain a lint-free environment. Linens are returned wrapped in plastic film.

Burn Unit

This wash begins with multiple rinses to remove medications commonly used in treating burn patients, followed by the required healthcare standard wash.

Micro Fiber Mops

This standard wash follows manufacturer-recommended procedures, including correct pH, absence of chlorine bleach and correct temperature, followed by suggested drying temperature.

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