Division Laundry opened for business in 1939. The founder, Peter G. Garcia, started in a modest 1200 square foot building located inside Fort Sam Houston, laundering uniforms and sewing on stripes for troops from the 2nd Infantry Division. In a few short years, he outgrew his location and rented a building just outside Fort Sam on North New Braunfels Avenue, until he finished building a new facility across the street at 1919 North New Braunfels Ave. He named it Division Tailors & Cleaners. In 1952, Peter G. married Cecilia Robles, who had worked her way up from a garment checker to bookkeeper. In 1964, Peter constructed a new facility designed by the National Institute of Laundering and the National Dry Cleaning Institute, the first of its kind in the Southwest United States. In 1971, Division began a transition from a military uniform processor to a laundry linen processor. This required an investment in new equipment and retraining a very loyal workforce. During the growth of the business Peter passed the reigns as President to Cecilia in 1992. For the next thirty years Division grew adding many new customers while expanding the business.


From the ashes we overcome.

Then disaster struck when a devastating fire destroyed the plant on June 25, 2001. At the time of the fire, Division was on track to produce 23 million pounds of linen while employing 190 employees. Division was able to fulfill all contracts by outsourcing the linen to many area laundries. Cecilia made the courageous decision to rebuild, so like the Phoenix, Division rose from the ashes and opened a brand new plant in 2003.

The rebuilding process gave Patrick R. Garcia, Peter and Cecilia’s son, the chance to reflect on his father’s wisdom that had built a very successful business. Peter instilled in his employees that there was only one kind of service, “Quality Service,” and that meant providing the best workmanship in cleaning and pressing and always keeping your word to deliver on time. Patrick took over the role of President in 2010.

A family business.

Today, Division continues to grow while adding a third generation of family members to the team, Patricia, Patrick A, and Theresa. They are committed to continuing the tradition and service started by Peter G. Garcia. A tradition that has a foundation built in the past but is always looking forward to the future.