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Division Cleaners & Laundry provides the most comprehensive commercial laundry services in South Texas. From our award-winning plant in San Antonio, we transport, process and package linens and garments for health care facilities, hospitality services, the military and more.

Division Laundry guarantees its services and on-time delivery.

Efficient cleanliness | Standard wash services


healthcare standard wash
Designed to remove the soils and stains that are common to healthcare linens, this service provides the correct dosing of washroom chemicals, temperature control, and mechanical action to achieve a higher level of quality in the finished product. Both white and colored linens are removed from the washer clean, sanitized and pH adjusted to 5.5-6.0.

hospitality standard wash
Soils and stains common to hospitality linen, such as makeup stains on room bed and bath linens, and food stains on food and beverage linens, are removed with this service. The chemical dosing is adjusted for the soil level as is the temperature and mechanical action. Food and beverage (F&B) linen can be starched to meet customer's needs. Both rooms linen and F&B Linen will be removed from the washer at pH of 6.0.

Optimal wash results | Special wash services

stain wash
This is a specific wash designed to remove stains that have not been removed by a standard wash. This wash formula helps keep linen replacement cost low with a minimum of tensile strength loss. We have achieved a 92% reclaimed linen rate for some customers, however, success will vary depending on the age and type of stain. This wash may be used on both healthcare and hospitality linen.

hypoallergenic wash
To meet the needs of our customers who have a request for chemical free linen, this is an additional procedure that follows a healthcare standard wash. All chemical residue is removed by repeated rinses of hot, warm, and cold water. The final pH will be approximately 8.0 which is determined by the water supply.

A service provided specifically to meet the needs of customers with a hyperbaric facility. This 100% cotton linen is processed in a washer that helps maintain a lint free environment. The final fabric pH will be 5.0-6.0. This linen is always returned wrapped in plastic film.

This is a specific wash that begins with multiple rinses to remove medications common to burn patients. This is followed by the correct healthcare standard wash. The fabric will be pH adjusted to 5.5-6.0

Distinct expertise | Other wash services

micro fiber mops
This is a standard wash that follows the procedures outlined by the manufacturer. These procedures include correct pH, absence of chlorine bleach and correct temperature, followed by a suggested drying temperature.