Sustainability Initiative

at division laundry
About our water use

Division Laundry has been successful in implementing several green initiatives. Through our investment in tunnel washers Division has been able to reduce the water consumption by 10 million gallons annually, from 4.25 gallons to 1.25 gallons per pound processed. Tunnel washers also reduce the amount of chemicals used in our processes, and decrease labor requirements. Division has received the following acclamations regarding water consumption:

The San Antonio Water System has recognized Division for its efficient consumption of our precious water resources:

  • San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) "Environmental Excellence Award" Nominee, 2008
  • SAWS "Environmental Excellence Award" Recipient, 2007
  • SAWS Water Saver Community Committee Service Award to Patrick Garcia, 2006
  • SAWS "Environmental Excellence Award" Nominee, 2006
  • SAWS Water Saver Award, 2004

Division Laundry's other natural resource conservation efforts

  • A recently installed boiler at Division Laundry has reduced the use of natural gas.
  • Division established a plastic recycling program so that 10,000 pounds of plastic bags are recycled monthly as well as 2,045 pounds of polyethylene drums (55-gallon capacity).
  • Division uses EPA-certified detergents and sours from Ecolab, a national leader in providing sustainable laundry solutions formulated to conserve water and energy.
  • Division office staff recycle all printer ink cartridges.

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