Production Process


soil sorting

  • Linen contained in soiled carts will be sorted by classifications.
  • Proper sorting and classification allows the soiled linen to be matched to best formula for soil removal.
  • Proper sorting reduces textile damage and extends the life cycle for soiled linens.
  • All soiled carts are individually washed and sanitized using an EPA registered sanitizer.
  • All trucks containing soiled carts are individually washed using an EPA certified sanitizer.

wash process

  • Carts of presorted linen is staged in front of three tunnel washers.
  • Soiled linen is loaded into tunnel washer in batches.
  • Depending on the classification of linen the batch data in entered into the computer system for proper water temperature, chemicals and drying times.
  • Once extracted from the press, an automated conveyor system will guide batch of linen to its designated dryer.


  • Clean, dried linen is placed in staging area depending on the classification of linen.
  • Items that have been pre conditioned by the dryer will proceed to flat work ironers
    for a wrinkle free finish.
  • Full dry items will be folded and stacked by small piece folders, blanket folders or fitted sheet folders.
  • As the linen is finished and stacked in bundles it is placed on a conveyor that delivers the linen to be assembled in carts.
  • The delivery carts have been sanitized and lined with a new plastic cart liner. The cart liner is folder over to prevent contamination while being transported.



 tunnel washing system

  • 3 Lavatec Feed Conveyors have built in scales which allow for 100 lb. batches of linen in to be loaded into the tunnel washers.
  • 3 Lavatec Tunnel Washers offer high productivity for large volumes.
  • Built in water reuse saves water and fuel needed to heat it.
  • Consistent workflow
  • Reduce Chemical Usage
  • Wash economically without harming environment



  • finishing pic11 Lavatec Dryers programmed to meet drying times of specific linens.
  • Chicago Casacade Sheet Picker automates the physically demanding job of pulling sheets apart by hand. Separates items to increase productivity of feeding/ironing/folding operators.
  • Chicago Blanket Blaster (feeding, folding, and stacking system)allows us to to handle a wide variety of blanket thickness and weights.
  • Air Chicago Automatic Folder- through its Chicago High Intelligence (CHI) control, each cutomer's linen is programmed in the system to have a specific width adjustment, air-blast level and timing, cross folder selection and stack size. This allow us to customize specific folds and sizes for our customers.
  • 2 Kannegiesser Fitted Sheet Folders- Performs very effectively with healthcare linen due to its versatility. It provides folding for your standard gowns, terry towels, incontinent pads, and fitted sheets at up to 200 ft. per minute.
  • 4 Industrial Ironers- All sheets, pillowcases, scrubs, table linen, and napkins are finished and folded on large flatwork ironers. Ironers are designed for high quality and high production.